Five Spices You Should Be Using in Your Kitchen

It’s time to mix up your spice cabinet! Here with a list of spices you should be using, but probably aren’t, is Kevin Scheuring from SpiceHound.

Fox Millet

Our resident forager, Ursula McVey, talks about a weed that is registered as “noxious” in the state of Ohio but is a staple crop in other parts of the world.

Spice Up Your Chili

The secret to any good chili begins with the spices! Forget the pre-mixed packages at the grocery store. Here to help us make our own is Kevin Scheuring from Spice Hound.

Making Pierogis – A Slovak’s Great Grandmother’s Recipe

Ashley Shaw participated in the Coit Road Farmer’s Market and demonstrates the pierogi recipe her great grandmother from Slovakia passed down. Pierogi recipes vary from Slovakia to Poland to Ukraine and so on.

Growing Mushrooms and Foraging for Mushrooms

Jossie grows mushrooms and explained the process at the Coit Road Farmer’s Market. He talked about both growing your own mushrooms and foraging for mushrooms.

Different Tamale Wrappers and Fillings

Chef Tino Enriquez from the Coit Road Farmer’s Market explains how the different wrappers can be used for tamales such as avocado and banana leaves and even fresh corn husks. Different regions of Mexico and Central America will have different wrappers and also different fillings such as pork, chicken or fish. Even dessert fillings.

Sauerkraut and Other Pierogi Fillings

Johnny and Tony tell how they make sauerkraut that will be used as filling in the pierogis they are making at the Coit Road Farmer’s Market in East Cleveland Ohio. They were adding spinach and potatoes as a filling for their pierogis. They also make wontons, ravioli and other similar foods.

Coit Road Farmer’s Market on Fox 8 News

August 9th, 2011–This is Fox 8 news footage from our 4th annual charity painting project at the Coit Road Farmer’s Market.

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