Commercial kitchen

Coit Road market has a 254 sqft licensed commercial kitchen available for rent to the public. Amenities include:

5 Qt. KitchenAid mixer

Robot Coupe food processor

Hobart Buffalo Chopper

Globe meat slicer

Large propane smoker
Double barrel grill (including a veggie-only grill)
Countertop induction burners (3)
Ice machine
Sausage stuffer

Stainless Steel Work Tables 30 in x 15 ft

 Cushion Floor Mats

21 cu ft Upright Refrigerator

21 cu ft Upright Freezer

Full Sheet Convection Oven

(3) Induction Cooktops

3 Compartment Sink/Drain Board

Vegetable Wash Sink/Drain Board

Hand Washing Sink

Mop Sink

Please contact us to reserve a space. pricing is on a sliding scale and we have ample, flexible availability. All renters at the commercial kitchen are welcome to sell at the market.

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