A lot about a farmers market is old-school. Based on most people’s eating habits the mere idea of buying raw ingredients and cooking from scratch is all too rare. To many, cooking dinner is opening a jar of sauce that someone else made and serving it over pasta someone else made. We don’t expect to, nor are we trying to, convince everyone to make everything completely from scratch but we hope to at least make people conscious of the difference. This is the spirit of planning winter food demos with a bit of a party also.

Free Saturday Cooking Classes

Saturday, March 25: Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

11:00 a.m. 

Covering a wide variety of pasta types including vegan, paleo/gluten-free, traditional egg pasta, stuffed pasta, and possible extruded pasta. As always, bring the kids who will enjoy rolling the dough into pasta and eating as well.

Annual French Toast Breakfast

Saturday, April 8

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Ten bucks gets you three slices of French toast, maple syrup along with a choice of meat (bacon or chicken sausage) and coffee or apple cider. Plates will be provided for those who want to share with their child under 10 years of age. As always this meal is made with all locally produced ingredients.

Cooking Skills Classes

Saturdays without cooking events I will be doing a beginner knife skills class at 10:30am and a seasoning class at 11:00am. Bring your knife because it’s always best to learn with the tool you have. We can check the sharpness. If you don’t have one that’s fine too.

2015-16 Event Recap

15335 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 4411

Cleveland Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier. Classes included making tamales, hand-made pasta, smokies, sausage, perogies, tamales, cooking with cast iron and vegetarian dishes. A monthly class during a Cleveland Food Bank produce distribution at Stephanie Tubbs Jones Medical Center in East Cleveland includes both exercise and cooking.