Benefit Programs

Using EBT Ohio Direction Card and Coupons at
The Coit Road Farmers’ Market

Ohio Direction Card EBT $20 of Food for $10

Support from foundations through Produce Perks gives Ohio Direction Card EBT customers an additional $10 to spend for fruits and vegetables for $10 withdrawn per visit to the Market. Ohio Direction Card users swipe their card through the electronic benefits transfer machine and receive tokens to be redeemed at any time for fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, bread or meat from the market’s vendors. Customers who withdraw less than $10 receive an additional tokens for fruits and vegetables equal to the amount withdrawn. For EBT, go to the Ohio Direction Card window at the rear office at the market.

Senior Coupons and WIC Coupons

Senior Coupons are distributed at senior centers during the Spring season. WIC Coupons are distributed to WIC participants at farmers markets on days specified for each market.

To redeem Senior or WIC coupons, look for vendors with signs noting their acceptance of the coupons. If you do not see a sign for a particular vendor, feel free to ask the vendor if coupons are accepted there.

Saturday, August 13, September 17, 2016

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.