B & C Farm (Seasonal):

Tomatoes, garlic, habaneros, etc.


Care-A-Van partners with community organizations to promote the consumption, sales, and appreciation for fresh, local foods. They bring music, art, and amazing community services and resources to Market events so that people can have fun, get connected to vital programs, all while in environments which celebrate local foods.

Community Greenhouse Partners:

Lots of Cleveland-grown veggies, eggs, and, flavored vinegars.

Fun E Farm (Seasonal):

Vegetable grower at Kinsman Farm.

Gloria’s Garden:

Urban farmer for berries and vegetables on the Coit Market site.

Inner City Bakery:

Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and Delicious Crooked River Coffee by the cup or pound.

Lamar’s Pies:

Sweet potato and bean pies.

Needham Gardens:

Urban vegetable farmer in West Cleveland including eggs, cheese, butter, jam, hone and Shagbark Seed & Mill products from Athens, Ohio.

No Wheat, No Worries:

Gluten free baked goods.


Herbs, spices, and such focusing on health.

Secor’s Farm and Nursery (Seasonal):

A market staple for over 70 years selling a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from their farm in Perry.


Lots of Spices, herbs, and other stuff to make all of nature’s bounty even more tasty.

The Farm at Chatham Lea (Winter):

Baked goods, including breads.

Become a Vendor!

Farmers markets, like the Coit Road Farmers Market, were once the typical way of selling produce for centuries. Today we are enjoying a renewed interest in of this type of market and have become an important part of the local community’s food shopping. If you’d like to become a part of our family, please contact us!