How to Shop

Shopping at Farmers’ Markets

  • What to bring: a list of possible fruit or vegetable items to purchase until your next market visit and a reusable bag or bags to carry your purchases.
  • Arrive early for best selection or late for a potentially discounted selection.
  • Take a walk around the market before making purchases to get an idea of what is available from the vendors. There will be multiple vendors selling fruits and vegetables.
  • Compare what is available to your list and select items to purchase.
  • Unlike in the grocery stores, you make your purchases at each vendor booth – there is not a single “check-out” area.

Questions you can ask vendors:

  • What are some ways to prepare a fruit or vegetable they may be selling?
  • Where were the fruits and vegetables that they are selling grown?
  • How were their fruits and vegetables grown?
  • When were they picked or harvested?
  • What will you have available next week?